Reduce expenses with an innovative training solution

The essence

T2 Campus of VDAB is a tech talent hub for engineering and technology. They offer a range of training courses for employees, entrepreneurs and job seekers. As in-person training is expensive and not always possible, they were looking for a way to create a more efficient way of educating, and even a way to remotely educate their students. They contacted us to create a HoloLens solution that facilitates such an efficient training program.

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The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Assist offer VDAB exactly what they need. Therefore, we decided that a tailor-made application wasn’t necessary. After all, it’s not our job to reinvent the wheel, is it.

With MS Guides, VDAB can easily create step-by-step holographic instructions that demonstrate how to operate specific machinery. It shows vital information about the machines, highlights important (safety) aspects, and guides students throughout the whole process.

The teachers of VDAB can use Remote Assist to share their real-time view (on the machines) to remote students. Students get a first-person view of what their teacher is doing and how the machines are controlled. Both students and the teacher can communicate and even make annotations to the livestream.

With our help, VDAB’s students can now be trained fully autonomously on site, and/or can follow along remotely.