Locating cars faster with Digital Twin and AR

The essence

As a large importer and distributor of cars, D’Ieteren was looking for a solution to improve operations on their (massive) parking lot, e.g. storing & locating cars. We created a Digital Twin of the complete parking lot including its ‘physical’ context like roads and parking spots, as well as its operational flows. Combined with a RealWear Navigator 500- an industry smartglasses device that performs under all weather conditions and has an integrated GPS chip- this ‘virtual clone’ allowed us to deliver a precise wayfinding solution. D’Ieteren can now locate (and navigate to) specific cars much faster; and a lot more reliable. Based on these new possibilities for working with their parking lot, the goal is to move to a logistical principle called “chaos planning”; supercharging movements on the parking even further.

The Solution

First we created a Digital Twin of their parking lot including its ‘physical’ context like roads, sections and parking spots, as well as the operational flows (or rules) applied across its area. By adding a wayfinding algorithm on top, the system can easily define the fastest route to a specific car, e.g. parking spot. We selected the RealWear Navigator 500 as the most suitable smartglasses to be used as hands-free interface for this Digital Twin, as it performs well under any weather condition. Next to that, it has an integrated GPS chip. By using the GPS position of the glasses, we can perfectly align the spacial context living inside our twin with the actual (real-world) parking and guide the operator accordingly. The Realwear guides operators to the exact location by means of virtual arrows and a map visualizing the route.