Locate cars faster with wayfinding technology

The essence

As a large importer and distributor of cars, D’Ieteren was looking for a more efficient solution for parking & locating cars at their parking lot. We created a wayfinding solution for the RealWear Navigator 500, a smartglasses device that performs under all weather conditions, and has an integrated GPS chip. Thanks to our solution, D’Ieteren can now locate the assigned parking spot much faster and locate it in the most efficient way thanks to the virtual guidance system.

The Solution

We built a smartglasses application that locates a parked car, and guides drivers to the exact location by means of virtual arrows and a map visualizing the route. To do so, we created a navigation system that works based on a digital twin of the parking lot, in combination with GPS technology. This combination is what makes the application work very accurately.

The application was built for the RealWear Navigator 500. We selected this smartglasses device because of its resistance to all weather conditions and has an integrated GPS chip. It’s waterproof and can handle extreme temperatures. Secondly, drivers can easily tilt the display on the device when driving to see the surroundings and focus on the road.