Holographic visualization of hidden shape sensing fiber

The essence

FBGS developed a unique fiber optic shape sensing technology that allows them to ‘track’ the shape of the fiber. This technology will enable cutting-edge applications in the fields of robotic and standard minimally invasive surgery. They were looking for a way to demonstrate this technology. We created a HoloLens solution that allows the user to actually see the shape and location of the fiber as a holographic overlay (on the patient during surgery for example).

The Solution

The only way to accurately visualize the shape of the fiber, and still being able to see your surroundings, is by using an augmented reality headset. With the HoloLens, we were able to create a full digital representation that mimics the shape of the fiber in real time.

To align the holographic visualization with the actual shape of the fiber, we tested two different types of markers. ArUco markers are perfect for tracking moving objects, QR markers are more suitable for static objects. In this first version of the solution, the fiber has a fixed starting point. Therefore, we used a classic QR marker.