Broadcasting surgeries live for training purposes

The essence

In cooperation with medical device company Becton Dickinson (BD) and Dr. Tollens of the Imelda hospital, the HoloLens will be used for training and educational purposes within the medical field. Upon their request, we developed a HoloLens application that visualizes patient information during surgery. At the same time, both the patient data and camera footage of the smartglasses device can be broadcasted worldwide.

The Solution

As it’s important for Dr. Tollens to consult patient data without blocking his view, we created an application for the Microsoft HoloLens. The application visualizes a holographic window containing all the required information. Thanks to the hands-free use of the HoloLens, he can consult the data by using his voice.

Because of the built-in cameras of the smartglasses device and its ability to connect to WiFi, live footage of both the real-life environment and the holographic information projected onto it can be shared.

The fact that the HoloLens is being used to film footage from a first-person view allows spectators to look “through the eyes” of Dr. Tollens. This results in a highly detailed view of the patient’s situation. On top of that, viewers have front row seats to follow along with operating actions and procedures.