Improved quality control at the construction site

The essence

Hooyberghs is a construction company with over 70 simultaneous sites across Belgium. We built a Digital Twin solution that enables BIM models to be visualized at real scale on top of and perfectly aligned with the construction site. This results in better visualization of BIM models, improved quality control and creates a much more efficient BIM workflow.

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The Solution

As it’s important to have your hands free, and to see both the real-life environment as well as holographic information augmented to it, we decided to visualize the Digital Twin (BIM model) on the Microsoft HoloLens 2. The result is an all-in-one toolkit for construction site managers. Using this application, site supervisors can now visualize a Digital Twin of their building at full scale and perfectly aligned to the real construction site.

On top of that, we created an integration with the Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM Workflow system). This allows BIM managers to summon information such as error indications linked to a specific building or construction site. They can also add new problem reports, which are immediately saved into the BIM platform; notifying the required stakeholders in turn automatically.

With their hands free, and the possibility to align the Digital Twin (BIM models) to their actual construction, quality control never became easier,more efficient and fun(!) for site supervisors. They can literally see whether all walls, openings, stairs, … are built according to the specifications. And it will become even better…

In the future we plan to extend the Digital Twin with AI algorithms so that anomalies can be detected and logged automatically.