We revolutionize workflows
to empower people

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We go a long way back

12 years of experience in delivering enterprise solutions

A+ quality

We create top-notch solutions that follow industry standards and are fully automated tested. Of course, they are 100% secured and GDPR compliant as well.  

Human centric

By applying proven user experience methodologies, we create software designed for people. 

Ecosystem integration

An AR/VR application never stands alone. We build your solution fully integrated in your current ecosystem. 

HoloLens expert

Our dedicated team of HoloLens developers and our close partnership with Microsoft makes us a true HoloLens expert.

Corporate responsibility

We focus on building a better tomorrow for our society, our environment and our economy. 

Equal voice

We strongly value each other’s opinion and treat each other with equality.

Psychological safety

We encourage everyone at Mr. Watts to take risks and initiatives. We create a safe environment where you can comfortably step out of your comfort zone. 

Work hard, play hard

We love going the extra mile building exceptional solutions. What we like just as much, is going out for a beer and organizing truly memorable afterworks & crazy team weekends. “Ge ga hert of ge ga ni!” 

We make it our priority to create an enjoyable and inclusive workplace, driven by our values.

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