One app to visualize all your 3D content

The essence

We were contacted by several companies from many different industries with a need to visualize existing 3D models. Many already existing applications didn’t meet their requirements, were too expensive or were just too hard to work with. Therefore, we created an all-in-one application to easily visualize, and interact with 3D content.

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The Solution

We created “Wade”; one app to visualize all your 3D content. It’s as easy as that. No messy UX/UI, no technical hiccups whatsoever. It just works!

The application works on virtual reality devices and the Microsoft HoloLens 2. We included a toolbox that enables the following functionalities:

  • Move, scale and rotate your 3D model.
  • Change your model’s opacity.
  • Model slicing: make cross sections of your models to visualize what’s underneath the top layer.
  • Precise alignment of your 3D models using QR-codes (only relevant for HoloLens 2).
  • Spatial awareness (only for HoloLens 2).
  • Teleportation to a specific place in your model, with just a simple tap.
  • Remote rendering of large, high quality, 3D models.

Good to know; besides remote rendering, all these functionalities can be used offline. So no internet connection is required.

Next to these top-notch functionalities, we also designed an enjoyable environment. We added a virtual table which you can place your models onto. For VR devices, we integrated a background to enhance the user experience.

In addition, we created a user-friendly web portal. The portal is the place to control all your 3D models. Upload your models and select whether they should be rendered remotely or locally. Moreover, it allows you to manage users and their accessibility.