Making waves through our partnership with Log!Ville 


Over six months ago, our sub-brand LogiTwin became a Start2Scale-up Partner at Log!Ville, specializing in digital twins for the logistics sector.

Log!Ville is a groundbreaking innovation center that focuses on logistics and supply chain technology. It features an immersive demonstration and experience center, allowing visitors to explore and test pioneering advancements in supply chain automation, digitization, and sustainability.

We’re really excited about this partnership because not only do we get to meet new partners, but we also get to engage with new customers. A lot of people scanned our QR code at the booth, which led to a lot of lead generation. We’ve started talking to different logistics companies, and we can’t wait to see where these conversations go! Stay tuned!


Discover more about our approach in this Dutch article, where Wouter shares valuable insights on how we make it happen!

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